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XBOX One – Games With Gold June 2014

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the “Games with Gold” feature would be making its debut on XBOX One in June. Like many other gamers, I was excited to see what would be free, especially with such a limited game library available. To my surprise (and delight), they did not disappoint. The first two games to be made free with a gold Xbox Live membership were Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault.

Max is a standard platformer with a not-so standard twist, the ability to draw on the environment with a “magic marker” given to you by a magic old woman. This changes the dynamic from a Rayman-like jumping game to a next level puzzle platformer. The best way I can describe it is Rayman and Little Big Planet having a baby, and the baby was rendered beautifully with next generation console graphics. Puzzles are varied and challenging, and keep the player entertained for the whole five hour campaign. The story is a bit flat, as the game is obviously intended for a young crowd, but the dialogue between characters is often humorous enough to tickle all ages.

With these many strengths, it is easy to overlook the mild weaknesses shown by Max. Marker controls are sometimes unresponsive and can force you to begin entire puzzles over again, and the physics are about as frustrating as one would expect from a typical jump and run game. Sometimes your character simply won’t grab a ledge that he obviously should have, and other times he’ll somehow latch onto one that is obviously out of his reach. These shortcomings can be frustrating at times, but only deduct a small amount of enjoyment from this otherwise wonderful game.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood sets the standard high for platformer games on the Xbox One with its varied landscapes, enticing puzzles, and beautiful graphics. Even if you’re not a huge fan of this style of game, I guarantee you will find it worth a free play through.

The other title made free by Games with Gold was Halo: Spartan Assault. Currently the only Halo game on XB1, Spartan Assault is a twin-stick shooter that tells stories of famous and important battles in the history of the Covenant war. Familiar characters such as Spartan Sarah Palmer help tie the game into the franchise, but the game stands alone nicely, even for someone who has never played a Halo game before.

“Twin-stick” refers to a control scheme popular with indie and arcade games. It implies an aerial view, looking almost straight down, with one joy stick controlling movement and the other controlling the firing of some weapon in a circle around the character. Good examples include Smash TV, Geometry Wars, and the indie surprise hit I Made A Game With Zombies In It.

Easily the most well put together twin-stick shooter I have ever played, Halo: Spartan Assault’s controls are fluid and easy to grasp, and the missions vary enough to keep you interested. Usually twin-sticks are simple games based on surviving waves of enemies for as long as possible, but this game does the Halo name proud with fun and challenging objectives, such as capturing objectives and escorting AI.

Spartan Assault also boasts a cooperative multiplayer mode in which two players can face an increasing number of zombie creatures for a short time. While entertaining for a time, this multiplayer grows old quickly and most likely won’t occupy you for more than a few hours.

Microsoft surprised me by releasing two of what I consider to be the best arcade games available on the Xbox One. I would have gladly paid for either of them, but thanks to my gold membership, I got them for free and get to keep them for as long as I have my membership. To top it off, new free games will be released each month to all gold members. August’s offerings are Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero.

If you are interested in some free games, head on over to your local Slacker’s and pick up an Xbox Live membership card today.

How to Avoid Getting Caught by Bosses and Teachers When Playing Flash Games

Flash online games have grown to be an important section of the online world. Whenever you are bored, it is almost a tradition to find a flash game for the quick “anti-boring” solution. Online flash games aren’t usually appreciated so much though, by the bosses or school teachers.

Once in a while, it is entirely important to loosen up a little with an entertaining 3D online game. However, bosses as well as school teachers, generally visualize this as being a total waste of time. There can be methods to save your online flash games when playing them if you get bored during work or school time.

When the games are being blocked from watching or playing, you will have to come across some ingenious solutions to enjoy these free games away from the sight of those that consider them reckless. Ordinarily, you can do this simply by “covering up” the task bar, by pressing Alt + Tab, whenever a boss or a teacher is close by. Doing this, you will modify the existing window, thus make sure to have one more window open for changing into. Clearly, this specific window should not include also any 3D online games. You’d better keep it to some webpage which appears informative, so that nobody discovers you were having fun with online free games!

When the online flash games are blocked a little bit more effort is necessary. This could be solved by surfing around websites which provide free games. When all of the online game websites are being blocked, you will need to be resourceful and use a proxy. Several proxy web browsers permit you to engage in online games, since the actual proxy web address will not be blocked.

Usually, the very best online games can be recognized easily by the genre. Free flash games include quite a few diverse genres- however as you will discover, the most famous are the ones which will include a “protect this” purpose.

These types of defense online games are incredibly popular, since they’re effortless to play, also since any one can enjoy them and rapidly come back to work.

Multi player web based flash games are also very popular. A lot of them include some form of artificial intelligence, so when you have no buddies out there to play with, it is possible to still enjoy it. Among the best 3D games it is the multi player ones (various kinds of sports games, to puzzle as well as action internet flash games).

You need to make the differences in good quality games, amongst 2D and 3D. Simply because a web-based game is 3D, will not necessary ensure it is excellent. On the contrary, numerous 2D online games outperform the 3D competition. A pretty 3D image does not imply the fact the game-play is great whatsoever!

Flash online games are quite a lot of fun! However remember that free online games can certainly get you into trouble. Adopting the earlier mentioned suggestions to disguise web based games functions great; yet trouble arises if you get caught.

In the event that everything else doesn’t work… just try and be busy with some other stuff, and keep the internet games for home playing!

My List of 7 Free Flash Games Online

If you love playing games by the hour and hate to pay for them then we’ve found just the list of absolutely free and totally fun games for you! Gamers love to play a wide assortment of games to rule out boredom and this list includes many you might not think could be found online let alone for free! Simply download the “flash” player for the best in animated gaming on the internet, and then check out the best games.

Action and bike games are a rage amongst boys. The racing adventure games has found takers in all times and flash games provide easy ways to vent your motomania.

  • Motocross Challenge games are best known of the motorbike racing game challenges. It can be played in single player as well as multiplayer mode. Honestly, I have always enjoyed the single player mode better and I simply love the animation of this game and the way the motorbike revs up before it takes off.
  • Bad Piggies takes the wildly popular Angry Birds to another level with some very much maligned pigs that go about stealing eggs to get their porky selves around a course and win the day! Rockets, engines, and some rather unattractive billows help piggy propel about the terrain and believe me this flash free games is more fun than simply catapulting feathers around the screen!
  • Snake has you chasing your tail, continuously! Yet it’s truly addictive and tons of fun to play. The original was on Nokia cell phones and now this version is even better and free to play! Go chase yourself!
  • Park is from the mind of Patrick Smith and filled with intrigue and intricate graphics you will love to visit again and again! The beautiful animations are available through your flash player as you wander through mysterious parks and unveil mystery after pleasurable experiences to boggle the mind!
  • Mahjong Connect is the classic board game with a new twist because it’s animated through the flash player’s capability. You eliminate pairs of bricks and win by clearing the board, then move on to another more complicated board.
  • Deconstruction Game is all about blowing up things! The object is to keep your robot on or near the ground and you must blow things away by placing explosives in just the right spot to accomplish that! It takes practice and a wee bit of skill but you can do it!
  • Adrenaline Challenge Game requires you to use all of your riding skills as you travel along the dangerous terrains you will encounter in this fast and furious game. Don’t hit the walls or you may lose a life! Keep your balance while in the air as well as when attempting to land or jump from different platforms. It’s risky but you know you can do it! There are so many car and bike racing games that can give you the thrill of fast racing.